Facon Three Ways

So, of course, when I make bacon I have to make it three different ways! You can make any of these because they are all delicious and what real bacon tastes like (in my head anyway).

I purchased turkey delight from Aron Kissena Farms because it looks and tastes like bacon, well I was told that anyway because I have never actually tried bacon.


I took some out of the bag and marinated it in sauce that was made of barbecue sauce, barbeque spice, and steak spice. I fried the rest of the turkey after coating it in barbeque spice, steak spice and sweet n’ tangy barbeque spice. You can stop right there because that is one of bacon recipes.


The second one is candied bacon!! I mixed equal parts maple syrup and bold barbecue sauce together, added a little bit of the spices that I mentioned before, some olive oil and a squirt of sriracha sauce. I heated that until it thickened than added bacon chunks to it. It is incredible with bold flavors and crispy, salty bacon bits.

Remember the marinating turkey? I coated a pan and the turkey in olive oil and baked it on 350 until it turned slighty crispy around the edge. I tried not to burn it and I failed, but hey, I love burnt food, anyway! The difference between the baked and fried bacon were that the marinated bacon had more flavor and was more crispy. So there ya go! Long live facon! 






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