Fun Sides

Taco Salad

I am posting this simple salad recipe because I feel that if there is even one person on this planet that has never tried some sort of variation of this salad, it is my obligation to show you true happiness! 

I use romaine or iceberg lettuce and chop it up and add corn, red onions and the most delicious bbq tortilla chips from Golden Fluff that are absolutely amazing alone and one can finish an entire bag in one sitting if one wanted to even though one might not admit to it. 😉After you crushed up the awesome taco chips, add the dressing of medium salsa combined with mayo and presto! Your done and a whole lot happier! The best thing about this salad is that you can change the recipe up and add different things to make it more to your liking. You can add tomatoes, avocado or ground meat or rice and it will be incredible. I have faith in you. And dont ever let anyone tell you that salads are boring and meh. Salads can be fun and different and delicious! 😄

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