Seafood Pineapple Boat

Whenever I think of shrimp or crab this is what I picture. So I created this recipe for anyone that does not eat seafood so we don’t have to feel like we’re missing out.

Coat fake crab in seafood seasoning, salt, pepper, everyday seasoning from Trader Joe’s and flour. Fry them in butter until they’re crispy. Remove the fake crab and fry chopped garlic in the leftover butter. Garlic burns easily so keep an eye on it! And then all you have to do is assemble! I scooped out half a pineapple and added one scoop of cooked rice, the fake crab tossed with the buttery garlic and added some delicious, juicy pineapple. Fun fact; to check how ripe a pinapple is just smell the top part and if it smells sweet its ready to eat! if it has no scent its not ripe yet! I just used this method today and my pineapple was perfection!


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