Pastrami Gnocchi

I went to this restaurant once and had amazing, delicious, crispy gnocchi and I knew that I had to try making gnocchi myself. I bought a package and I didn’t make it from scratch this time because it’s my first time trying it, but have no fear! This came out incredible enough that I will try it again! 😉

I bought Bartenura Gnocchi and followed the package directions on how to prepare it. While the gnocchi boiled in salted water for 3 minutes, I cooked an onion in olive oil. When it browned up a bit, I added salt, pepper, bbq spice and bbq sauce and mixed. I added cut up pastrami to the onions and fried it up a little and I just absorbed all that deliciousness coming off the stove! If you ever want your neighbors to stop by to ask what you’re cooking, this, this recipe is how!! After a few minutes, I removed the pastrami and onion mixture and squeezed out the oil before scooping it out. I heated up that flavored incredible crazy goodness and added the cooked gnocchi to crisp the outside. I fried on high for a few minutes, turning them over a few times, and removed them. Served together with the pastrami you have a crazy, flavorful, bomb dish! 😀

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