Enormous Egg Roll

You can really personalize this recipe to your liking. The inspiration for it was some leftover veggie rice and half a bag of sliced cabbage! 

I used a small piece of skirt steak, but any leftover meat can work, too. I sautéed onions and added the small pieces of meat to it. I sautéed that altogether for at least 15 minutes on medium low, adding salt, garlic powder, paprika and chili lime. I added the leftover cole slaw mix to the meat and a bit of sriracha and cooked down the cabbage for a little longer. That meat and veggies smelled so delicious I could have eaten the whole pan! Thank God for self-control or I should say fleishphobia (scared of becoming meat, it’s a real thing, thank you very much!). 

While the meat is cooking up, prepare the pastry dough. Take it out of the freezer to defrost and you only need half a sheet for this recipe. Flatten the dough out and add duck sauce in the center for extra flavor. Then add the meat to the center of it, dividing the sheet in 3 in your mind. Add whatever else you like in your egg rolls and, since I had some plain rice with some veggies mixed in, I added that on top of the meat cabbage mix. (The combo, by the way, is perfection!!!)

Once the egg roll has whatever filling you choose, cut thin strips into the sides facing the same way. Fold the strips over each other to create a gorgeous pattern. I coated in a lot of oil because I wanted it to have that fried egg roll taste even though I baked it. I added some sesame seeds on top and baked on 350 until the dough got dark. Everything inside is cooked so it really just depends on how long the dough takes to brown. This will be a constant dish in my house because I can fill it up with anything and make it look beautiful with the criss cross design. #winner 

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