Tuna Noodle Casserole

You know the drill. Pasta+cheese+tuna=perfect easy simple dinner. Here we go!

Mix almost a whole box(3/4) of cooked pasta with 2 cans of drained tuna fish. Add 4 heaping spoons of mayo and salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste(I did about 2 teaspoons each). Add half a can of corn and half a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese. Mix it all up and spread it out evenly in an oven safe pan. Top it off with the remaining half a bag of mozzarella cheese and about half a cup of cornflake crumbs. If you’re a cheese lover like me you can always add more cheese to the recipe! (There is no such thing as too much cheese!) Spray with Pam or coat the top with melted butter so that the top gets really nice and crispy in the oven. Bake on 350 until the cheese on top starts browning up. Slice, eat, be happy and don’t think about pesach cleaning. 🤣🙊



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