Chickpea Curry over Butternut Squash

I love Fall!!!! Everything about it, from the smell of pumpkin spice to the crunching of the leaves under my ankle boots and don’t forget Fall Clothing! *dreamy sigh* What was I saying? Oh, yes. Fall food!!!! This dish incorporates squash so obviously it’s a winner! And Vegan friendly because it’s always nice to include everyone! 



1 Butternut squash

1 Can chickpeas

1 Can coconut milk

1 8 oz Can of tomato sauce

1-2 Tablespoon curry powder



Olive oil 


1-2 Tablespoons bourbon whiskey

2 Tablespoons maple syrup

2 Teaspoons sugar


Slice the butternut squash in half, remove seeds(don’t throw them out! We’ll cook them soon!), and coat in olive oil. Bake the slices facing up on 325 degrees for around an hour, depending on how big the butternut squash is. If a fork goes in easily, it’s ready! While the squash is cooking you can get the curry going. Rinse and drain one can of chickpeas. Sauté in olive oil and paprika on medium-high for a few minutes. Add one can of coconut milk, one small can of tomato sauce and one tablespoon of curry powder and you can add more if you prefer it to have an extra strong flavor. In order for the curry to get thick you need to cook it uncovered on medium-high, mixing constantly. Eventually it will thicken. I also prefer soft chickpeas so I let that go for around 30 minutes and turned it to low, covered.

I actually love using all squash or pumpkin seeds when I buy them because they are so awesome when they’re baked in different spices! So these seeds are maple bourbon flavored and they were such a great topping and snack, too! I removed the seeds, washed and dried them and then coated them in a combination of bourbon whiskey, maple syrup, and sugar. Side note: make sure to use Pam spray so that the seeds don’t stick to the pan while cooking. Cook on 300 for around 10-20 minutes and keep checking them and mixing them around because they burn easily.

Once the squash was finished cooking, I added a combination spice(salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder), scraped it around a bit and then assembled altogether (squash, chickpea curry, seeds). So easy, so delicious, and SO FALL!!!! You can also serve the curry over rice or cauliflower rice! That would be really delicious. Happy Fall!!!! That should be a thing. I can imagine myself walking around in a cozy sweater with booties and a fuzzy hat sipping pumpkin spice lattes saying “Happy Fall!” to everyone! They would all probably ignore me because I live in New York lol. Anyway, enough about me and my Fall obsession! You have some curry to make!! 😉